October 26, 2019
8 days left
until our reunion.

Oct 11 final update: Sweet, almost everyone is coming! I truly appreciate all the enthusiasm. The RSVP link is closed because we have a good idea on numbers. All changes can be accommodated.

A quick recap:

Several people are arriving on Thursday, so search each other out. (I will be there Fri a.m.) Please remember that the hotel has a great shuttle-van service. In addition, Jeff R and I reserved 15 passenger vans to get us around to our events. (Huge thanks to Jeff as this was a bit of a challenge.)

Friday evening at 1900 we'll meet up by the pool area as a group. The resort has two pools, so lets plan to meet at the back pool so we don't get thrown out of the resort on day one. (The layout of the resort is confusing and easy to get lost. So, take a map with you and plot a course to the pool that is farthest from the lobby.)

Saturday, a.m. golf - thanks so much to Mike D. for taking charge of this. Please email him if you would like to play so he can arrange tee-times. So far, we have Jeff P, Steve L, Chris T, and Brad B that are interested in playing. They could use a few more to fill 2 tee-time slots. I'll happily drive you there so no need to worry about transportation. If you would like to play another day, he has volunteered to play then as well.

Saturday afternoon Willie sightseeing - Van time is 1430. Jeff and I will drive. It takes about 45 minutes+ one-way depending on detours. The hope is to be back at the hotel by 1730. Plan on pictures.

Saturday evening dinner - Van time is 1900. Depending on the service, I suppose we'll be out by 2130. Afterwards, I can transport folks to the nightlife in Scottsdale or head back to the hotel for after-dinner libations. Or, both.  The concierge/resort van service can pick you up on-demand through the wee-hours of the morning.

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